Liz was born on 3rd April 1932. Brought up initially in Africa, where her father was an agricultural advisor, she later returned to her native Aberdeenshire. She qualified as a therapeutic radiographer when she was 22, and in 1974 became Superintendent in Ninewells Hospital, the same year as she was awarded the Honorary Fellowship of the Society of Radiographers, for which she was also an examiner.
She was a prime mover in setting up an informal committee of Scottish Superintendent Therapy Radiographers for the exchange of ideas and the promotion of good practice. This reflected her deep and practical concern for the general well-being of her patients and also for that of the staff who worked with her. This latter resulted in a ground-breaking paper in 1986 which highlighted the need for effective staff support for those working with life-threatening illness if the contribution of good and sensitive professionals was not to be lost.
The span of her other interests was demonstrated by her involvement in a great number of organisations which included: Grampian [Hillwalking and Climbing] Club, Dundee Choral Union, Dundee Children’s Panel, Dundee Voluntary Action, the Society of Friends, and many others. She died in February 1988 in a traffic accident.