Guide to following the Dundee Women’s Trail on your smartphone


If you require any help, please use the contact page.


1. Homepage

  • From the Homepage, select the ‘Home’ box to activate the phone’s menu selection tool;
  • Note, menu style may differ depending on phone model.

2. Select, “Location Map”

  • From the pop up menu select, “Location Map”;
  • Note, menu style may differ depending on phone model.

3. [Optional] Click link to view the map in full screen

  • As the phone screen is relatively small, you may wish to view the location map in full screen;
  • The link is highlighted in the screengrab;
  • To exit the full screen view, use the phone’s back button.

4. [Optional] Location map may be viewed horizontally

  • If you don’t have a screen lock on you can view the map horizontally by reorientating your phone;
  • Refer to your phone’s manual for information on landscape view.

5. Select an icon for one of the twenty-five Footsteps

  • Select one of the twenty-five icons that represent each of the twenty-five women on the trail;
  • The menu will show an image of the one of the twenty-five women and a link to her page;
  • The last link, “Directions” will launch your phone’s map application.

6. Confirm map direction settings

  • When your phone’s map menu loads, you can either enter your start location or if you have GPS enabled your phone will be able to automatically set your starting location;
  • Each of the twenty-five plaques are geotagged with their exact location;
  • Ensure the walking icon is selected and then select, “Get Directions”;
  • Note, menu style may differ depending on phone model.

7. Follow directions to your chosen footstep using your phone’s in-built map software

  • Your phone’s map application will show the route to the selected location;
  • The screen presented here shows the route from plaque twenty-five (Emma Caird) to plaque one (Agnes Husband).