Kirsty was born and brought up in Edinburgh, graduating at Surgeon’s Hall. She then went to Harrogate, then came next to Dundee in 1951, where she ran a G.P. practice in Strathmartine Rd until retiring in 1981 on medical advice. She was married, with two sons.  Before retiring she visited Canada, which “provided her with the drive to begin…” Tayside Breast Care & Mastectomy Group in 1978 and to serve with it as a counsellor. Six years later she and others founded Tayside Council on Addictions, making use of the Canadian approach to the treatment of dependency. She served on the SACRO committee; conducted bible study at Noranside; was an elder and acting beadle at Steeple Church where she ran a tea room for the homeless. A committed opponent of euthanasia, Kirsty latterly trusted in faith healing. A striking, confident woman with black hair drawn tightly back she was loved by many  – “made you feel better coming in the house”.  Friends said she also helped a great many people on an individual basis, sometimes taking alcoholics and the homeless into her own home.  She accepted nomination as Citizen of the Year, hoping to promote the cause of cancer research, but before the ceremony she died of secondary cancer herself on May 9th.
Dr Semple was doctor to Dudley D Watkins, creator of ‘The Broons’ in the Sunday Post. Her son reports that Mr Watkins would, on occasion, dress Daphne Broon in Dr Semple’s outfits, much to her annoyance, as he never used them for the prettier Maggie!
Kirsty Semple Way is in the Ninewells Hospital complex.