Her house, which stood on the corner of High St and Overgate until the 1960s, is perhaps better known than this rich, aristocratic lady. Anne was born in this house in February 1651, Countess of Buccleugh, daughter of Francis, Earl of Buccleugh and Lady Margaret Leslie. That same year their house was used by Monck as HQ after the sack of Dundee. At the age of 12 Anne was married by the Bishop of London to James Scott, Duke of Monmouth (age 13), but being children they did not stay together then. Later she bore him seven children; only three grew to adulthood, one being the son from whom the present Duke of Buccleugh is descended. James claimed the throne, was defeated at the Battle of Sedgemoor and was executed in 1685. Anne married again in 1688, to Charles, 3rd Baron Cornwallis, but had no more children. She was the lady addressed by the minstrel in The Lay of the Last Minstrel.