Anna was born c.1902 and educated at Grove Academy. At 45 she married Captain James Ogilvie of Broughty Ferry. They lived in Singapore until he died in 1948, when she was asked to return to help form a pilot scheme for a home help service. Dundee Corporation’s nascent service was in trouble: first the Department of Health for Scotland refused to endorse it, saying demand was ‘negligible’; then, when it did get started it was very disorganised because there was nobody to hold it together. Finally a complete service was agreed in terms of the NHS (Scotland) Act of 1947. Mrs Ogilvie was appointed as Superintendent in August 1948, and by the end of the year 23 domestic helps were employed and 113 individuals and families were being helped. She was a bosomy, businesslike woman, who could be relied on to help when needed. She retired in 1961 and died 31 years later at the age of 90.