The daughter of Mary Ann Balfour and Rev James Mudie, United. Presbyterian Church, Mrs Moncur was born in Stronsay, Orkney. She moved to Blairgowrie, and in 1861 she married a manufacturer, Mr Alexander Hay Moncur, who became Provost 1881-84. They had one son, Alexander, and attended McCheyne Memorial Church. Her obituary tells us: “While her husband rightly gained public distinction by his sagacious services and ample donations … Mrs Moncur was always, in a private though widespread way, regarded as being not less helpful to those in trouble.” She was a “sweetly dignified woman and lover of her own fireside” but nevertheless a “strong sense of duty” led her to become involved with the Orphanage, the Nurses Home, the British Women’s Temperance Association (of which she was president), and the Young Abstainers. Her husband left £10,000 to be used after her death as a memorial to her: the Moncur Trust for deserving widows and old women in Dundee. She died at her home in Perth Road. Her picture is in her obituary, but she is not given her Christian names.