This lady spent her lifetime in an immense variety of services for Dundee. After graduating from St Andrews University in the thirties, she was momentarily at a loss. But her father and grandfather had been doctors, and a family friend who was an eye consultant supplied an answer; she became an orthoptist. After a year’s training in London she returned to, and never left, Roseangle in Dundee. For forty years she worked at the Nethergate Eye Clinic, dealing with successive family generations, much loved and respected. But that was only a part of it.

From childhood she was a keen philatelist, gathering vast collections of stamps illustrating themes in history all over the world, particularly South America. For thirty years she was a member of the Dundee and District Philatelic Society – and in the 1980s its first woman president. Her interest in history never faltered; indeed, philately was part of it. She became a founder and the first woman president of the Abertay Historical Society and was secretary of its archaeological section for twenty-five years. Her interests led her into regular archaeological ‘digs’ and meetings of the Bibliographical Society. As a council member of the Dundee Civic Trust she fought long and hard to preserve Dundee’s long established postmark, seeing it as a significant part of city history.

With ceaseless energy and commitment, she enjoyed every aspect of her work.