This lady about whom little is known founded the night shelter in Bell Street. She was married to a rich merchant who was Dean of Guild 1846-49. ‘Mr Curr was the maker of money and Mrs Curr the charitable disposer of it.’ ‘Mrs Curr was of course less publicly known, but her quiet and unostentatious benevolence and sympathy secured the gratitude of many a poverty-stricken and afflicted sufferer..’ He left the money to her; she put it in trust for ‘such charitable objects as they might determine.’ £6000 was spent on building and furnishing, though not on beds: the men slept on wooden platforms.

The shelter opened on 18/9/1882, after her death. There are no Currs reported at the opening, and there is no obituary. The Opening was reported in the Dundee Advertiser of 19/9/1882… ‘Among others present, in addition to many ladies, there were (59 men are named).’ The Earl of Camperdown said, “There is no such effectual test of real honest poverty as being willing to submit to the use of soap.”