Alice Moorhead and Emily Thomson

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Alice Moorhead and Emily Thomson

20th Century

Two of only 101 women doctors in Britain at the time, they set up first at 93 Nethergate and then at 4 Tay Square, where the plaque is situated on a newer building on the same spot – still a medical practice.

Dynamic Emily (Dundee’s first woman driver) helped found a Women’s Hospital [see also Mary Lily Walker, footstep seventeen], while Alice tended their poorer patients.

However, Dr Alice did not enjoy robust health and, after marrying a Dr Langwill in 1908 and moving to Leith, she died in childbirth two years later.

Dr Emily moved to 22 Windsor Street, where she remained in practice until she retired in 1922. She moved to her house in Arbirlot where she lived with a friend, collecting art and antiques until she died aged 91.

Image of an early female car driver reproduced with kind permission from David Annand